"Dreams can't come true without first dreaming...there is no harvest without first sowing seed"
James J Steele

Florida Pontoon Notes

Welcome to Florida Pontoon Notes


If you are familiar with Florida Paddle Notes, you know the many kayaking adventures I have documented on Florida’s waterways. As new owners of a Sun Tracker Bass Buggy 18 DLX pontoon boat, we will be documenting our research and our adventures here in Florida Pontoon Notes.

Florida Pontoon Notes, in the same manner as our paddling site, Florida Paddle Notes, is intended to be a ‘chronicle’ of our experiences as new pontoon boat owners. While our boat was ordered, we took the time to research accessories, must-haves, and tips others have found helpful in their experiences owning a pontoon boat. There are several great resource sites on the web and this site is not intended to replace them but to point you to them. We will share our learning process along the way, as well as our adventures…documenting the different waterways we explore as new pontoon boat owners…James

I would like to send out a big Thank You to Cpt. Karen Chadwick of North Star Charters, who as a friend, offers up her advice and tips as Donna and I face new adventures as pontoon boat owners!  See you on the water!

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