"Dreams can't come true without first dreaming...there is no harvest without first sowing seed"
The Cove Journal

The Cove Journal

Logo LargeWelcome to The Cove Journal! It’s always an adventure to look back on the progress made during the development of any homestead. The successes, the failures, and the recollections all combine to write a personal story at Tranquilla Cove!

These are posts about the progress here at Tranquilla Cove Homestead including our favorite recipes from Cove Cuisine as well as notes on the adventures we share on Florida’s Waterways, whether in the kayak ‘Stumpknocker‘ or our pontoon Boat, ‘Pon Tiki’. Be sure to check out the sections for Florida Paddle Notes and Florida Pontoon Notes, both documenting many fun adventures!…enjoy!



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