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Eureka West to Kenwood Boat Ramp

The Ocklawaha River


Eureka West to Kenwood Boat Ramp

This 15+ mile section of the Ocklawaha, from Eureka West to Kenwood Boat Ramp is unique, as it starts out rather intimate, with bends and tree-lined shorelines and then opens up after 5 miles to a wide expanse with the shorelines densely clogged with aquatic vegetation. It is however an interestingly diverse section of the river that includes numerous wildflowers, and a wide range of birds including Eagles, Osprey, Ibis, Herons, and Wood Storks. There are several points of interest such as a very large Bald Cypress with a 30′ girth, Plecostomus holes, and several springs, which may only be observed during the Rodman drawdown, which is about every four years. During this drawdown, the original Ocklawaha River is exposed as are thousands of dead trees that were killed when water covered them in the creation of the Dam...James

Eureka West to Kenwood Boating Map
Eureka West to Kenwood Boating Map

Eureka West to Kenwood Boat Ramp Notes

icon-location-smLocation: This section of the Ocklawaha River is located between Highway 316 East of Ft. McCoy in Eureka and HWY 315, North of the reservoir.


Icon Launches smBoat Ramp:

Eureka West Boat Ramp
Eureka West Boat Ramp

The launch for this paddle is Eureka Boat Ramp West15399 NE 152nd Place, Fort McCoy, 32134

There is no fee, ample parking, and a porta-potty. The ramp is concrete in good condition, though VERY slippery! There is also a small dock.

The Take-Out – Kenwood Recreational Boat Ramp – 130 Kenwood Boat Ramp Rd, Interlachen, FL 32148


icon-distance-smDistance: 15.5-miles one way, 31 miles round trip


icon-width-depth-smWidth and Depth: The river has an average width of 100′ along this section until you reach the 11-mile mark and it opens into the wide reservoir’. Water levels can range from a couple of feet to over 12′.


icon-current-tidal-smCurrent – Tidal: The Ocklawaha has a nice steady flow in the 2 – 3 mph range.


icon-time-duration-smAverage Boating Speed: 4 mph, due to the maneuvering around downfall and overhangs, 7 mph in the more open areas.


icon-restrooms-smRest Areas: These are minimal along this section…depending on the water level.

Cannon Spring

Cannon Springs
Cannon Springs during the Drawdown

At mile 4.8 on RR is the canal that leads to Cannon Springs Run. The canal is canopied and about 500 long, Keeping to the right, it is another 735 to Cannon Springs on a picturesque run. The spring is visible from the surface and a good landmark is a leaning tree onshore.

The spring used to be called Wells Landing Spring and it belongs to a group of springs called Cannon Springs Group. Only during the Rodman drawdown is the spring visible with the water around this 3rd magnitude spring clear blue, free of any tannins, with numerous small fish.

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