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Salt Springs Run

Salt Springs Run


Salt Springs Run is a body of water that flows from the head spring, 4.5 miles to Lake George at the St. Johns River.

The head spring, Salt Springs, gets its name from the magnesium, potassium, and sodium salts rising to the surface through ancient salt deposits. The spring is located in the town of Salt Springs. It is a second-magnitude spring with a flow of over 60 cubic feet per second, having several vertical vents in a large shallow pool. Salt Springs Run is a major tributary to the St. Johns River.

The run is wide for more than half its length, flowing through open marshland then narrowing and winding through shadier hammocks of Sabal Palmettos

, Pines, Hollies, and Oaks before reaching Lake George. Numerous water birds can be seen throughout the year, fishing is good and a variety of wetland plants can be seen blooming. In the colder weather, Salt Springs Run is a popular habitat for the West Indian Manatee.

Archaeological salvage excavations at Salt Springs have produced evidence of habitation from 5450-4407 and along the run, just shy of mile 4 on river left is Shell Midden 8MR0002 (*Lithic Debitage from a Mt. Taylor Site: Salt Springs (8MR2322) Excavations from a Submerged Spring Bed, by Thadra Ann Palmer Stanton)

Salt Springs Run Boating Map
Salt Springs Run Boating Map

 Salt Springs Run Notes

icon-launches-smBoat Ramp:

Salt Springs Marina
Salt Springs Marina

Salt Springs Marina & Landing

  • Double concrete with floating dock
  • $10.00 parking fee ( $5.00 with Senior Pass )
  • Restrooms.
  • Small-item store with boat rentals
  • Soft-launching area for canoes & kayaks.





Distance: Salt Springs to Lake George/St. Johns River is approximately 4.5 miles, making for a 9-mile round trip.


icon-width-depth-smWidth and Depth:

The run is close to 700’ wide at the launch, with several ‘lake’ size openings for the first 2 1/3 miles, then tapers to an average of 150′ – 200’ for the remaining 2 miles. Shallow along the banks, the main channel can be from a couple of feet to 5′ deep. As you near the end of the run it is important to remain in the smaller channel as the depth can be just over a foot, which will kick up the bottom mud if off to the side.

icon-current-tidal-smCurrent – Tidal: Tides are not applicable and there is a current, of approximately 2 mph.


icon-time-duration-smAverage Boating Speed: There are several ‘No-Wake’ zones but also several sections that we took it up to 15 mph


icon-restrooms-smRest Areas:

Points of Interest: Just over 3 miles along the run, there is a small ‘beach’ able to handle a boat beaching, and where the run reaches Lake George there is a small beach with palms, which is a popular spot to hang out.

Up at the marina, it is a popular pastime to anchor over the clear shallow water to enjoy swimming, grilling, or just hanging out. During the winter months, this is a popular hang-out for manatees, seeking warmer water from the springs.

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