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Lake Kerr

Lake Kerr


Lake Kerr is a small, 2,829-acre lake but one of the largest lakes located in Marion County, Florida, and is surrounded by the Ocala National Forest and near the beautiful freshwater Salt Springs. USA. It is one of Florida’s ‘sinkhole’ lakes. It is also located very close to Lake George and the St. Johns River. The water is clear like many lakes found in Florida. The census-designated place of Lake Kerr surrounds the water body.

Lake Kerr is a clear, beautiful water body with a sandy bottom and a calm surface.  Depths average about 10 feet but reach over 25 feet deep in some areas. An island formed in the middle of the upper part of Lake Kerr, causing the area to look like the letter “e.” Lake Kerr is one of the state’s sinkhole lakes formed by the erosion of limestone over time. This waterbody is a prime bass location; other popular species caught in the lake are bluegill, shellcracker, warmouth, and crappie. It is a popular location for locals on a hot summer day with inviting clear waters. An island that emerged in the center of the main part of Lake Kerr is where people can anchor, swim, and grill

The lake bears the name of R. B. Kerr, a surveyor

Lake Kerr Pontoon Route
Lake Kerr Pontoon Route

Lake Kerr Pontoon Notes

This was my first time exploring Lake Kerr and it was great. The lake was much larger than I had imagined. Kauffman’s Island was the highlight. We anchored and spent the afternoon there, went in the clear water, and are determined to return here with our hound, Chesney!

It does get breezy if not windy here and storms can be tough so check the weather reports ahead of time. Also on warm days, Kauffman’s Island can be quite crowded, so get there early to enjoy the sandy beach and anchorage….James

Icon Launches smPublic Ramp at Moorehead Park

Boat Ramp at Moorehead Park
Boat Ramp at Moorehead Park

A boat ramp to access Kerr Lake and a pier to fish off of is in Moorehead Park. The county park located off Forest Road 88 offers public access, but the park does not have a lot of parking space for boat trailers and vehicles, so locals recommend getting there early for a day of fishing or boating.

There is no launch fee, the concrete ramp is good, and there are restrooms and picnic tables


icon-distance-smDistance: From the launch to Kauffman’s Island it is 1.8 miles, however a good ride around the perimeter is about 12 miles.


icon-width-depth-smWidth and Depth:

This is an open lake with no canopy, measuring 95′ to 200′ wide. Depths average about 10 feet but reach over 25 feet deep in some areas. An irregular-shaped lake about 3.5 miles across and 1.5 miles wide.

Additional Notes:

Indian Necklace on Kaufman Island
Indian Necklace on Kaufman Island


The Timacua Indians had a presence here as well as in Salt Springs. Native American bead necklace, made from gastropod shells. Strung on the modern thread. Found at Kauffman Island midden in Lake Kerr, Florida. Photo from National Park Service




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